Creative Temple™ is a one stop shop Australian company that specialises in marketing, advertising & productions to the rapidly emerging LOHAS market.

Our combined skills, knowledge and experience more than 40 years in the marketing and advertising industry giving us an opportunity to be creatively involved in thousands of campaigns. Working hand in hand with multinational advertising agencies we developed creative concepts and taken these to complete or part production. To keep delivering leading edge results, we have developed a successful business approach where we have formed strategic alliances with the best industry professionals who are pulled together according to their expertise required for any given project.

Furthermore being faced with globally occurring events of climate warming, depletion of soils, pollution (and the list can go on), we were compelled to take a stand and pursue a conscious way of enterprise becoming a first creative production house whose underlying principals are:



  • Marketing Concepts & Strategies
  • Corporate ID Development including visual & sonic
  • Branding, Differentiation & Positioning
  • Publication & Design
  • Media Planning & Placement
  • Corporate DVDs & Infomercials
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Commercials
  • Safety & Training Visuals
  • Website Development & Design including 3D websites & virtual reality tours
  • Jingles & Music
  • Streaming & Podcasting
  • Online videos - YouTube
  • Direct Marketing
  • Eco & Sustainability Business Coaching