We are a business with a conscience, believing that our talents and expertise must be directed to the greater well-being of our global community, within the context of providing excellent service & results to our clients.




Our mission is to create, develop and market sustainable and ecologically friendly products and services, and to encourage and assist businesses and governments to pursue planet-sustaining policies and practices.


We endeavor to educate and assist enterprises to operate successfully in a conscious and sustainalble way.
With commitment to excellence in our service, we dedicate our highly regarded expertise and knowledge to increase awareness of products and services for commercial and non-commercial enterprises and governments that choose to care for the future of our planet.


We endeavor to conduct our business in all aspects in compliance with eco principals: "Good for me, Good for others, Good for the Planet".


Within the given parameters and objectives of our clients we always deliver and implement latest technology & advancements to delivering best possible results.
We constantly strive to be at the leading edge of marketing and advertising media, one of them is 3D or virtual reality marketing and 3D Web Design.


ROB GRECH is a Creative Director of Creative Temple. His career began at the age of 14 in radio broadcasting and television alongside with numerous well known TV personalities. These stepping stones have laid the path of successful future in his advertising career, which have span over 30 years in the industry. During this time Rob Grech has designed, founded, and ran a number of well-known sound recording studios and production houses (one of them is LifeSaver), creating and producing thousands of successful campaigns. Some of thedr left their mark in Australian history ( some are still in use 10-15 years latter). These campaigns include: Safeway "Fresh Food People" and "Red Spot Special", Mitre 10, Home Hardware, Cottees "My Dad picks the fruit", SAAB "Convertible", The Age "Breakfast for Brains" and many more. Rob has written and engineered award winning jingles and songs as well as recorded and produced well known Australian artists.

NATASHA SOUKHANOVA is a Managing Director and Producer who founded and managed Creative Temple since 2005. She has qualifications in engineering, business management, finance & marketing and has held managerial positions with NewsCorp and the banking sector. She brings an extensive experience in business management and client service.

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